Wooden doors with aluminium cladding certainly represented one of the greatest revolutions in the production of builders’ joinery. Products such as these allow us to combine in one single product all the positive characteristics of two entirely different materials – wood and aluminium. As a renewable natural material, wood creates a sense of natural living comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in your home. The durable aluminium cladding on the external side protects the wood against weather factors such as rain, sun and mechanical damage, extending the lifespan of the whole product. All of these characteristics of wood/aluminium products, despite the slightly higher price, certainly tip the scales in favour of the decision to purchase such products.

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TREND Style 80

TREND Series
A sophisticated range of motif glass, refined units and flush stainless steel bands, LEDs and a wide array of elegant handles.
The series is characterised by its unique design that matches the impressive glazing units made from aluminium and stainless steel.
Elegant lines and proven designs. The outside glazed panels draw attention to the aesthetic shape of the doors, making them even more impressive.