Our company has more than 65 years of tradition in producing wooden windows. As a renewable, natural material, wood has specific characteristics that require a great deal of care and knowledge during treatment. Thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge, our wood products are among the most highly valued at home and abroad.

World markets

  • Inles is active on both home and foreign markets. We export a majority of our products to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other EU countries.
  • We have sales points and representative offices in the U.S. and Mexico. We are also present on the markets of the U.S., Mexico, the former Yugoslav countries and Eastern Europe.
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Service Network

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We are grateful for your trust. For technical assistance, after-sales services or to file a complaint, please do not hesitate to click the link below. We will be happy to respond to your request.
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Write to us:tehinfo@inles.si.