The proper installation of windows and doors is very important in passive construction. The connection between the frame of the product and wall opening is the weakest point in standard construction, which at the moment is the most common construction style. Therefore, proper installation is very significant and in the case of passive construction is regulated by RAL guidelines. By following these instructions, the loss of the heat at the connections is almost zero.

As a long-term owner of the RAL mark of quality, Inles also offers RAL certified installation of its products. For proper performance of these high regulations, Inles cooperates with various institutions and companies and with their help carries out the training of its installation teams. We only use highest quality products, which are the only ones suitable for passive construction and the only ones that can serve their purpose permanently. There are a lot of companies on the market offering RAL installation of windows and doors, but they do not use the proper materials or do not meet other important qualifications. Usually, the installations performed by these companies are suitable for a short period of time only or not suitable at all. Therefore, we recommend making sure that all materials used, including the installation itself, are certified. If you choose Inles, we guarantee it will be a worry-free experience for you.
  • Installed without using any PU foam
  • Only one strip is used for three layers
  • 100% utilisation, without any waste
  • Three-layer RAL-compliant installation
  • Prevents thermal bridges
  • Huge increase in energy efficiency of building
  • Quick and simple installation