Interior Venetian blinds are intended for shading the interior side of glazed surfaces. They can also be used as room dividers. The slats of interior Venetian blinds are either from aluminium or wood. The various preferences of individuals have led to different methods of installation of blinds, which determines the slat width.
There is a large variety of colours available for interior Venetian blinds.

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Types of interior Venetian blinds:


Easy to use and do not require any special knowledge in case you decide to mount them on your own. The aluminium slats come in two widths: 16 and 25 mm.


The Izo blinds are distinguished by a refined aesthetic appearance and easy installation. They easily combine with any window, regardless of whether it has level, tilted or relief glazing bars.

Izo max

The latest interior Venetian blind in our product family, the Izo max is distinguished by a refined aesthetic appearance, easy installation and the possibility of combining with any window (level, tilted or relief glazing bars).