The 80 mm thick wooden window is a contemporary natural product with good thermal performance. The product is suitable for use in new construction and renovated buildings. It can also be fitted in low-energy buildings by installing better insulated glazing.

The wooden windows from this product range are distinguished by the structurally stable mortise and tenon corner joints, the high-quality precision processing of the wood profiles using a new, technologically advanced production line and comprehensive triple-layer surface treatment. The product meets the criteria of the Eco Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • Design

  • Wood types and colours

  • Glazing

  • Security

  • Technical details

  • Advantages

INO-80 Standard
Contemporary angular lines that nicely match modern and trendy building architecture.
INO-80 Soft A
Elegant rounded lines and smooth surfaces that evoke a feeling of comfort in the room.
INO-80 Soft B
INO-80 Soft B Soft rounded lines. The drip cap is installed under a solid wood bar that gives the window an even more natural look.
INO-80 Stil A
Stylish edges with a unique design create a sense of cosiness and warmth.

INO-80 Stil B
Solid wood window with a wooden drip cap that nicely matches the architecture of older buildings