AWS 75.SI+

Aluminium window, 75 mm thick, with a thermal insulation weatherstrip and thermal insulation foam in the aluminium profile. The product boasts superior structural stability, highly-secure standard hardware and good thermal performance. The narrow and stable frame and casement profile permits plenty of daylight into your room.
The outside and inside of the aluminium are divided using a thermal insulation weatherstrip, which prevents thermal bridges and thus the passage of cold and noise.
The AWS 75.SI aluminium windows require almost no maintenance as the aluminium surfaces are powder-coated, making them highly durable and resistant to tough climates. This model is especially suitable if you need builders’ joinery in large sizes.

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AWS 75.Si+ aluminium window
Clean and flat angular lines. The frame and the casement are aligned on the outer side. A modern design that nicely matches modern architecture.
July 19, 2018

AWS 75.SI+ en

July 18, 2018