Inles d.d.

Our company has more than 70 years of tradition in producing wooden windows. As a renewable, natural material, wood has specific characteristics that require a great deal of care and knowledge during treatment. Thanks to our know-how, our wood products are among the most highly valued at home and abroad. Profile processing takes place on a new, state-of-the-art production line built in 2012 that together with triple surface treatment using robotic electrostatic application of the top coating ensures products of the highest quality, durability and sophistication.

The latest additions to our selection are products from thermally modified spruce wood (thermal modification is carried out by Silvaprodukt d.o.o.) that feature higher resistance to fungi and insects, less cracking and moisture absorption, all of which contribute to a longer lifetime of your product.


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Inles d.d. is a producer of builders’ joinery with many years of tradition. The company’s history dates back to 1948.
INLES is the biggest Slovenian producer and exporter of façade elements (windows, entrance doors) with over 65 years of tradition in wood treatment and several years of tradition in producing façade elements from other materials (vinyl, aluminium) and their various combinations (wood-aluminium, vinyl-aluminium).

The product range includes windows and doors from wood, vinyl and aluminium and windows in wood/aluminium or vinyl/aluminium combinations. It also produces window blinds (shutters, roller blinds) from all of the above materials.

Inles d.d. exports the majority of its products to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other EU countries. Its products are also available on the markets of the U.S., Mexico, the former Yugoslav countries and Eastern Europe.

INLES has two subsidiary companies: LESCO and IP INLES d.o.o. and owns the brands ISARHOLZ and INLES.

Kolodvorska ulica 22
SI - 1310 Ribnica
01 837 71 00

01 837 73 33

Registration number: 5103126000
VAT ID No.: SI14775069
Registered for VAT: DA
Bank account: BANKA SPARKASSE d.d.

IBAN: SI56 3400 0101 6427 765

The company is registered with the District Court of Ljubljana

Entry NO.: 1/12711/00
Share capital: 5.945.669 EUR
Core activity: (according to SCA) 16.230 Manufacture of other builders’ carpentry and joinery